The Killer

Han Solo’s exploits as a hero of the Rebellion are well known. Initially a reluctant participant in the effort to overthrow the Galactic Empire, he later became a general in the Rebel Alliance and was instrumental in the eventual downfall of the Empire and the establishment of the New Republic.

We do not want to diminish Solo’s accomplishments, and we, too, are thankful that the Rebellion was successful and the Empire fell. But we still must examine Solo’s past, and he must still be held accountable for his crimes.

Before joining the Rebel Alliance, Solo was captain of the freighter known as the Millennium Falcon. He was responsible for delivering commissioned shipments throughout the Outer Rim Territories. He was quite successful, and became one of the preferred shipping providers for Jabba Desilijic Tiure (commonly known as “Jabba the Hutt”).

In 0 BBY (3277 LY), Solo was hired by Jabba to transport a shipment of the drug known as “spice.” Although spice was illegal in the Galactic Empire, its trade was permitted in the Outer Rim Territories. During transport, Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon, was intercepted by an Imperial starship. Solo, fearing boarding and arrest, dumped the shipment.

Solo had been commissioned by to deliver the shipment intact, and having unnecessarily dumped it despite its legal status in the Outer Rim Territories, Solo was legally required to reimburse Jabba for the value of the shipment. He did not do so. Jabba issued a bounty for Solo’s arrest, and Solo became a fugitive who was subject to arrest by any licensed bounty hunter.

When Greedo attempted to apprehend Solo and bring him to justice, Solo shot and killed him in cold blood. Solo has never stood trial for either the destruction of Jabba’s property, or the murder of Greedo.