About Greedo

Greedo, a Rhodian, was born in 44 BBY (3233 LY) on Rhodia in the Outer Rim Territories. His parents, Neela and Greedo the Elder, were wealthy members of the Tetsu clan. Soon after Greedo was born, Greedo the Elder was killed by Navik the Red in the brutal Rhodian Clan Wars.

Neela, pregnant with a second son, along with Greedo and about two hundred other Tetsu Rhodians, escaped Rhodia and settled as refugees on U-Tendik. They lived there in peace for about ten years, but then Navik the Red and the Chattza clan found and attacked the Tetsu outpost. Neela and Greedo, this time with only twenty Tetsu survivors, escaped.

The family eventually settled on Tatooine, a desert planet in the Outer Rim Territories that was largely under the control of the Hutt Clan. Greedo spent the rest of his adolescence near the economic center of the planet, Mos Espa, where he observed pod races and aspired to a life as a bounty hunter.

In adulthood, Greedo realized his dream. He brought in countless fugitives from justice and deadbeats throughout the Outer Rim Territories. He held a Fugitive Recovery Agent certification from the Galactic Republic, as well as an Enforcement Agent certification from the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

For most of his career as a bounty hunter, Greedo was employed by Jabba Desilijic Tiure (commonly known as “Jabba the Hutt”). Jabba was a powerful leader on Tatooine and held influence throughout the Outer Rim Territories. Greedo was also employed at times as an enforcement agent for the Trade Federation.

Greedo loved bounty hunting — the excitement and the danger, yes, but also the joy of bringing criminals and deadbeats to justice. And he loved his adopted home planet of Tatooine, which was desolate and rough, but also beautiful in its stark simplicity. While he left us before his time, he died doing what he loved, and on the planet he loved.